The Hilde Holger Legacy

Of Miss Hilde Holger it may truly be said that she has heard the call of the gods.
– Robert Mangin, Journal des Theatres, Paris 1927


By the time she died in 2001 at the age of 95, Hilde Holger had transformed modern dance, first as a pioneering dancer and choreographer and later as a celebrated dance teacher. As a principal exponent of expressionist dance, she has had a lasting influence on three generations of choreographers and dancers. As an educator, she insisted on the highest standards, waging a constant struggle against uncritical self-glorification, against surrendering to vulgarity. In her art and her teaching she never shied from taking great risks, occasionally scandalizing critics and audiences in the process. But her students adored her. I have never been orthodox in my work and I welcome to my school anyone who is serious and unprejudiced. As a revolutionary her motto was Disorder rules!’ — she championed the use of dance as therapy for the mentally disabled.

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