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CALL FOR PAPERS – 9th ICCEDA 2018 Conference – Deadline 15th of July 2018

International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, in Athens, Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th of October 2018


The Arts Council of Greece in collaboration with the International Independent Arts Council organises the conference entitled: 9th International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, in Athens, Thursday 4th to Sunday 7thth of October 2018 – 9th ICCEDA 2018and invites all the interested parties to submit their proposals for participation as keynote speakers in the conference. The 9th ICCEDA 2018 is a dedicated conference to the Mediterranean Countries Friendship. 2018 is also the European Year of Cultural Heritage, as was adopted on 17th of May 2017 by the European Parliament.



Main body of the ICCEDA Conference, will take place at the:

Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece next to the Acropolis,

on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of October 2018.



1st Day 4th Oct: Registrations, Assemblies, Meetings and Dinner

2nd Day 5th Oct: Conference, Seminars Working Groups, Dinner or Events

3rd Day 6th Oct: Conference, Seminars Working Groups, Party or Events

4th Day 7th Oct: Morning Coffee Gathering and informal Minutes, Athens Guided Tour



Academics, public and private sectors cultural and creative actors, researchers, organisation delegates from the below listed countries, around the Mediterranean Basin, as well as coming from countries with an invested interest towards Mediterranean Countries are mostly welcome to reply to our call. Individuals and organisations who wish to present their work, related to the topics which the ICCEDA sets, and coming from different background and disciplines, and from all around the world are also welcome.

Southern European coast, from west to east
  • Gibraltar (a British Overseas Territory), Spain, France, Monaco
  • Italy, Malta (island nation), Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece Turkey
Levantine coast, from north to south
  • Syria, Cyprus (island nation; includes the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, and Northern Cyprus), Lebanon, Israel, Palestine (Gaza Strip)
Northern African coast, from east to west
  • Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco


Aim of the conference

The aim of the conference is to advance the understanding between the Mediterranean basin countries such as European, North African, and Middle East countries and enhance their relations through cultural and creative industries productions exchanges.


To this end, the Organisation Conference Committee – OCC brings together academics, cultural actors and professionals of various backgrounds and disciplines who are engaged in cultural and creative industries productions and participate in other societal or awareness activities to facilitate communication among societies and cultural actors, promoting social balance, education and cultivation, access to justice, social understanding and inclusion.


The information produced aims at helping participants and delegates of organisations to better understand the work and the decision making of others, the programs and the opportunities offered by organisations and the criteria set for proposals evaluation. As well, it can facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences, networking and meeting potential and future partners that may lead to fruitful projects and sustainable consortia.


This event is addressed to cultural and creative industries actors, policy makers, politicians and diplomats, cultural managers, culture and creative industries producers, fund-raisers, educators and artists, as well as to academics, innovators, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, activists supporting the Creative and Culture Industries, the Arts and the Cultural Heritage.


Suggested Topics

Cultural Heritage: The Bastion of Cultural Sustainability, Intercultural Communication and Social Changes, Cultural Economy and Social Intervention, Cultural Inclusion, Cultural Exchanges between Mediterranean basin countries such as European, North Africa, and Middle East countries, Arts, Regional Cultural and Creative Industries Sustainability, Cultural and Creative Industries Economic Development and Exchange, Immigration and Refugees, Creativity VS Productivity, Culture in Conflicted Areas, Creativity and Innovation, Cultural diversity, Regulatory Framework and Justice, Fund-raising, Patronage and Sponsorship between Mediterranean basin countries such as European, North Africa, and Middle East countries, Open Cities and Mobility, Presentation of Paradigms.



If you are a sponsor or a supporter or you wish to be promoted through the ICCEDA please feel free to send us an inquiry in order to discuss with our team our promotional plans and the opportunities offered.


The Board of Directors invites the interested parties, academics, cultural actors, organisations’ delegates to submit proposals adjacent to the thematic topics mentioned above.

Availability: 4 keynote speakers seats are available


Applicants must submit a summary of their presentation (up to 200 words in a word file) and a short curriculum vitae with full contact details (address, telephone, e-mail); alternatively proposals can be also submitted in the form of a 15-minute presentation, to the e-mail address:


Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15th of July 2018

Final date of proposals selection: 1st of August 2018


The Organising Committee

The Scientific Committee


Important notification: All the information provided including your name, telephone number, email address, will not be sold or distributed to any third party. You will never receive promotional or other material through the ICCEDA Organisers in your email inbox, with the exception the invitation or the press release if any, by the ICCEDA Organisers. If you wish not to receive any correspondence all you will need to do is just notify us at the same email address provided.