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Post-Catharsis, the distant fate of Tragedy, by Panayiotis Neufelt

Post-Catharsis is the mirroring of a purification process, the acceptance or the understanding of an action or a result which has previously occurred, but spontaneously it has been revealed within the subconscious mind of a person (subject-character), affecting his/hers behaviour now. It can be a relapsing period or action and it could be revealed as […]

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Theatre, Greece And Feydeau: Keep Calm And… This Is Just The Birth Of A Crisis

Georges Feydeau‘s, “The Pregnant Pause or Love’s Labor Lost“, it is staged in Athens, Greece. Article by -Neu Photo Credits: Patroklos SKAFIDAS. Please do visit the photographer’s website here! Under the Greek title:«Η Λεονί εν αναμονή ή το όμορφο κακό».   For the first time in Greece, the Georges Feydeau‘s sensational comedy “The Pregnant Pause […]

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Market for African Performing Arts MASA 2018

The International Independent Arts Council participated at the10th edition of the Market for African Performing Arts – MASA, Press Conference in Brussels, 16th of January 2018. Press Conference The 10th edition of the Market for African Performing Arts – MASA – will take place in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) from March 10 to March 17, 2018. […]

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7th International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, Athens 29-30 Novmeber 2016 Conference

Co-organising in collaboration with the Arts Council of Greece the 7th International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, Athens 2016 Conference. To view the programme please follow the link here.             Speakers and Organising Committee (above)      

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Cumplicidades International Dance Festival and Conference, 14 March 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

Participating at the Connference, at the Cumplicidades International Dance Festival. Cultural economy, trends, factors, social turbulence created by lack of EU funding plans.  “The first major factor is the increase on the variable element of time. To be more precise social time due to unemployment, i.e. when unemployment increases more than 15%, then surplus time […]