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Post-Catharsis, the distant fate of Tragedy, by Panayiotis Neufelt

Post-Catharsis is the mirroring of a purification process, the acceptance or the understanding of an action or a result which has previously occurred, but spontaneously it has been revealed within the subconscious mind of a person (subject-character), affecting his/hers behaviour now. It can be a relapsing period or action and it could be revealed as […]

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X IUTA World Congress

X IUTA World Congress Xe Congrès mondial de l’AITU   All details: We are very please to invite you to the X IUTA World Congress “University theatre and repertoire” that will take place in Liège (Belgium) from Monday June 30 to Friday July 4 2014. Established in Liège in 1994, IUTA returns to celebrate its 20 […]