International Internship Program

International Internship Program

About the IIP


Princeton’s International Internship Program (IIP) supports Princeton undergraduates who wish to undertake a summer internship abroad. IIP provides:

  • Listings of international internships arranged specifically for Princeton students
  • Advice about how to find, apply for, and fund an international internship
  • Information about lodging, transportation, travel, and social life abroad
  • Orientation sessions on health, safety, and cultural issues

IIP is partnering with an increasing number of University programs, departments, and centers to support internship placements in every region of the world and across diverse areas of professional and academic interests.

If you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior interested in spending a summer abroad doing work related to your academic concentration or interests, we encourage you to explore the listings on our website and to contact us with any questions.

Note: If you are a graduating senior or a graduate student, you are not eligible for internships through IIP. Please contact the Office of Career Services for assistance.

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