Growth, Development, Expansion and International Franchise of the International Independent Arts Council and inaugural announcement of the development of the -already formed- International Independent Cultural Council and the International Independent Creative Industries Council

The International Independent Arts Council, for the past two decades has been focusing in:

Participating as an external analyst at specific international project meetings, working groups and fora.

Research on cultural management, cultural politics, financial resources mechanisms and the general cultural economy results.

Explicating creative economy, cultural management, social and political phenomena related to the Arts, Culture and Creative Industries and connected industries and trades.

Gathering information related to the above areas and presenting of relevant scientific findings in meetings and conferences organised by IARC and its affiliated organisations.

One of our major initiatives is the International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, Athens, also known as ICCEDA, which is an annual conference, in Athens Greece, at the Acropolis Museum Auditorium, under the Acropolis Parthenon.

The International Independent Arts Council, up to date, it has not been fully active, in areas such as project funding, management or promotional support for cultural productions, cultural exchanges and residencies and programs designed for education.

Today, further to the acceptance, the recognition and support that IIARC has received from major international organisations, the IIARC with the support of affiliated organisations is fully entering the independent cultural, policy and economics environment as a unique and independent player.

The International Independent Arts Council (IIARC) is pleased to announce the much anticipated double launching of the International Independent Creative Industries Council (IICIC) and the International Independent Cultural Council (IICC), which represent the two major benchmark initiatives of the consortium for the year 2018.


The launching of these two major independent group organisations, mark the two decades years of continuous presence of the IARC and indicate the necessary reforms designed by the IARC.

Both new coming organisations’ operations are destined to commence, this current year 2018.


The IIARC, in conjunction with the IICIC and the IICC, are in the position to announce the formation of the independent creative consortium, in order to serve the needs of the greater independent artistic, cultural and creative fields and industries. These artists are not always supported by systemic cultural management centres or policies.


IIARC, IICIC and IICC, will not represent cultural actors, artists, entrepreneurs and organisations, in all aspects of their business, within this nascent Cultural environment, but will design specific projects and policies, which will reflect their deeds.

The forthcoming reforms will be announced gradually, within 2018. These reforms will indicate, express and reflect, in full scale, the current global trends, needs and strategies, that will be implemented by the Independent cultural and creative Group of NGO’s i.e, the three connected organisations.


From the 14th of April 2018 onwards, the International Independent Arts Council announced its organisational reforms at the City of Ioannina, Greece, during the First Panhellenic Conference on Cultural Management.

All three bodies, that cover the well-known wide range of arts, creative and cultural industries, will be at the disposal of the markets and investors through the Fanchise method and process. Currently the franchise contract offered is both in English and French. A translation into Spanish and Greek is on the process and we expect to offer a Portuguese and an Arabic version, as well.

After eight years of thorough research, and continuous adaptation of the original plan, which led to the design of the Independent Consortium Action Blueprint, the mapping and a clear definition of the fields of interest, the statute definition, the new contract design, today, we are confident that we will be meeting the needs of the arts and creative industries through ground-breaking procedures, using the creative forces locally, in an independent and innovative way.

In general terms, all bodies, individuals, organizations and companies involved in the cultural and creative industries, through a careful and specific selection process, could potentially become representatives of one or all the organisations, in a specific country, area or sector.

In a certain context and with predefined procedures an individual or an organisation could join this Independent nascent community franchise and handle one or all three institutions in one country and engage in cultural and cultural management, policy and production actively.

The contracts we offer are initially five-year contracts. For specific countries the franchise contracts are offered only to artistic, cultural and creative consortia, and not to individuals.

Also, during the 14th of April 2018 announcement, Panayiotis Neufelt, the Founder and Chairman of the International Independent Arts Council, expressed his intention to gradually give up the privilege of holding the post of the Chairman of the International Independent Arts Council, and to continue leading the group of organisations, giving place and space to young or established talented people to continue the work he started.

A major second call will be issued and will include the need for the formation of three Boards of Directors, which they will cover the organisational needs of all three bodies. This announcement can be also be considered as a call for collaboration with individuals and organisations.

Within the framework of the reforms, in the coming months, the consortium will be presenting the objectives of each one of the organisations and an international tender will be issued which will cover secondary areas and needs.

The new headquarters of the bodies are more likely to be organised in Brussels. The full organisations’ formal details will be announced within 2019.

In 2019, we will be celebrating the ten years of creation of the International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, in Athens – ICCEDA, a conference which has offered so much to the creative communities worldwide.

A combined Anniversary Ceremony and Events will be taking place, in Athens Greece (October 2019), in order to include and celebrate both events, the 20 years Golden Anniversary and the 10 years of exquisite performance of the ICCEDA.

The Independent consortium, will have the opportunity to offer independently a series of opportunities and variety of opportunities aiming to embrace internationally, the cultural and creative sectors focusing in the support of independent young or established and innovative artists and organisations, as well as delivering services to main stream cultural sectors.

The newly formed consortium, will be offering the opportunity to independent artistic, creative and cultural actors, to develop and market their works within their local community without influencing their own desired or designed operational models or outcome.

It is our aim to maintain the Independent consortium organisatios financially sound, and keep a positive cash flow, which will help independent artist and organisations to avoid potential pitfalls before, during and after their production. Thus, the independent stakeholders will become the guarantors of these complex independent cultural management procedures and outcome.

We have expanded and the Independent Cultural and Creative Sectors are fast growing industries and present their unique functions organised mainly by independent artists and we are going to need all the help we can get, in order to offer support them where and when is needed.

Within the next months, all three organisations will be offering opportunities to its supporters, volunteers, artist and arts and culture lovers, as well as open calls for support. We wish to see you aligning with us, working in our working groups and events and in our boards, taking responsibility and suggesting changes which we are going to implement together.


First Call for Investors and Franchisees

We have the pleasure to invite international, national or local independent cultural, artistic and creative organisations and festival directors and managers, cultural policy advisors and academics, independent creators and small or medium independent companies directors and individuals with an established profile in working independently, from various backgrounds and disciplines, from all the parts of the world to take part, to contact us and activate their own sector, field, category or sphere of interest or influence and team up with other artists and organisation under the same roof.

We openly invite with no discretion anyone and everyone with an interest to support us, having an established independent creative profile or with the interest to get involved in this fast growing process.

We invite potential Investors, as well as franchisees to express their interest and get in touch with us, in order to find ways for collaboration.

We invite all who wish to be represented in an independent manner.


How you can direct yourself to the best decision?

Please follow this simple procedure:
1. Visit one or all the following web-sites:

2. Identify the area where you wish to get involved or the sector you see yourself in or your trade or industry you already work. This is entirely your responsibility to do.

3. Send us a brief email to showing your interest.

4. If you are a Chairman, a CEO, a Director or the Leader of an Independent or other Festival, a Union or an Association, an Organisation or a Collectivity and you can see yourself in the Board of Directors, drop us a line, you are always welcome.

At this point, we do not offer deadlines.
Drop us an e-mail and we take it from there.


For Your Interest
Each organisation has a different and connected or even dependent agenda to the other two organisations, as this is an independent cultural and creative consortium.

Needs in Human Force for all three organisations

International Independent Cultural Council
International Independent Creative Industries Council
International Independent Arts Council

For all three organisations, there are needs for the following:

1. Board of Directors (seven directors per organisation)
2. Management teams Collectively and by the Board of Directors (on a case by case basis)
3. Coordinators, Developers and Team Executive Producers (Team)
4. Volunteers (Collectively)

Be a part of it
Please, send us an e-mail showing your interest, on: and

For all inquiries including the human resource inquiries will be handled by our associated company Artality.

Potential Investors, Franchisees and Individuals with an interest to work with us should also be sending their requests or questions to the following email.


The Management

International Independent Arts Council