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Our News… Your News!

The International Independent Arts Council and the Independent Arts Council now have its own brand new sites which are: and The first is the main official site of IARC and the second is the social network site.

Both sites function in a complimentary way from one site to the other, while they serve the same purpose to inform the IARC members on cultural management, policy and economy issues. At the same time, IARC presents on real time news, statistics, scientific results, inner information and articles to World Wide Web users.


Our info-feeders are connected with other social networks such as the Facebook (Page, and profile )  , Twitter ( on , @IARCWORLD) or Linkedin (on  and other. With our network we expect to attract the attention of new members and expand to new areas.

We invite you to participate in constructive ways and add your opinions, articles and considerations. Your presence and participation is valuable to us. With your awareness we will build new ways of understanding and horizons of knowledge.

We, the Board and the Management team of the International Independent Arts Council and the Independent Arts Council, would like to thank you all for your interest, help and participation.

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