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Welcoming three new Affiliate Members

We are delighted to announce three new affiliate members to IFACCA: City of Aarhus, Cultural Department (Denmark); International Independent Arts Council (United Kingdom) and Arts Council of Greece.

The City of Aarhus Cultural Department consists of four decentralised institutions: the children’s cultural centre ‘Børnekulturhuset’, the music school ‘Aarhus Musikskole’, the cultural centre ‘Godsbanen’ and the film production centre ‘Filmby Aarhus’. Concert Hall Aarhus and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra also fall under the cultural area. The Department of Culture subsidises the remaining, private cultural institutions. Approximately 25 of the institutions receive municipal and state operating subsidies in excess of DKK 1 million and some fifteen institutions receive less funding. All of them operate locally, but normally with a large international network. The Department of Culture facilitates the arm’s length councils for art, visual arts and rhythmic music, ‘Kunstrådet’, ‘Billedkunstudvalget’ and ’Rytmisk Udvalg’, which assess the artistic quality of the applications submitted for free funding from the culture funds.

The International Independent Arts Council is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. One of its objectives is to understand the needs of artistic and cultural environment, identify, record and evaluate those needs and issues. The identification and assessment of these needs provides the basis for the creation of necessary information and for expressing scientifically management and economy phenomena as well as solving problems.

The Arts Council of Greece The Arts Council of Greece is an established and registered Not for Profit – Charity organization and has 20 members who are organizing and run the body. The ACG has started already to recruit voluntary  personnel as  well as professionals who are preparing  the  ground  for a reform receiving governmental support. This reform will embrace all art and cultural forma and will have an impact on the education as well as  the  economics of the country

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