Roma’s Yalitza Aparicio had never acted before. Now she’s in one of the year’s buzziest films.

The newcomer ended up as the star of Alfonso Cuarón’s most personal film.

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Yalitza Aparicio was studying to become a preschool teacher when her sister encouraged her to attend a film audition. A native of Mexico’s Oaxaca region, she had never acted before. When she arrived, Aparicio had no idea what the film was about; even after she landed the role, she didn’t know all the details.

But once she looked them up, she realized it was Roma, and that its director was Alfonso Cuarón — one of the most celebrated directors not just in Mexico or Hollywood but the world. Cuarón is best known for films like Children of MenGravity, and Y Tu Mamá También, and now he was planning to make a personal film, shot in his native Mexico City and centered on the story of a woman named Libo, who worked for his family and helped raise him. In Roma, Aparicio would play Cleo, the character modeled on Libo herself.

Even for a seasoned actress, the role would have been a steep challenge, especially since Cuarón often did not distribute information about upcoming scenes until days or even hours before they were filmed — even for some of the movie’s most poignant moments. But Aparicio was up to the task, and she delivered a performance that has been winning praise since the film’s debut on the festival circuit.

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Photo and Credits: Yalitza Aparicio (center) is at the heart of Roma, written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Carlos Somonte  Please visit Twitter account on @CarlosSomonte / and Netflix on@netflix