Shadow of the Erdtree’s trailer gives us more Elden Ring lore to get wrong

A lore-lover’s moment-by-moment dive into the latest Miyazaki mind maze.  Gaming – Ars Technica​

Enlarge / “Look, everybody! It’s the one thing that ties the whole story together! And it’s pointing us toward this legacy dungeon, inside which must surely lie safety and salvation. Let us go forth.” (credit: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco)

There are lots of ways to enjoy Elden Ring, beyond the core attack/dodge/survive gameplay. You can obsess over builds, appreciate the mastery of speedrunners and grand masters like Let Me Solo Her, or mix and match the huge variety of armor in pursuit of Fashion Souls. And then there is lore. There is so much of it, and most of it has the consistency of campfire smoke.

Elden Ring tells its backstory (written in part by George R.R. Martin) primarily through item descriptions and environmental hints. The scraps of narrative that do exist stand unsteadily against unreliable narrators, contradictions, cut content, and lovably enthusiastic fans who take small hints to their illogical extremes. Developer FromSoftware and primary creator Hidetaka Miyazaki do almost nothing to disprove misunderstandings or reward accurate conclusions, although they appreciate the energy. Miyazaki will just casually tell IGN that there’s a “small element” that hasn’t been discovered, offer nothing more on that, and leave fans like me craven with an unmet need for conclusion.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer.

I love this and cherish the way FromSoftware will never in my lifetime confirm my hopes or expectations. So with the surprise arrival of an honest-to-goodness story-based trailer for the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, due out June 21, I was given yet another feast of vague notions and evocative images.

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