The objectives of the International Independent Arts Council are:

1. The identification, documentation, evaluation, study and interpretation of current needs, issues, social, economic and financial, political, administrative, managerial, culturally related phenomena, system anomalies and errors which appear on the private or public sectors in the cultural and creative industries.

2. The formation and establishment of groups and assemblies of individuals with the intention to study, enhance and encourage the dialogue among members, citizens and representatives of the state, aiming at the cultivation of relations, establishment of underdeveloped areas of communication and the spread of the spirit of solidarity.

3. The study, development, implementation and deployment of principles of good practices and administration in the arts sectors, according to the rules and regulations. The understanding of known procedures used, the promotion of high quality standards and the validation or evaluation of criteria.

4. The participation in relevant events and forums internationally.

5. The development and establishment of partnerships and collaboration with local governments, bodies and with any scientific organization worldwide or other chambers, associations, unions, federations, and in general with any public or private organizations which share the same aims.

6. The development of international programs and initiatives, the presentation of proposals to other International Funds, Foundations and Associations.

7. The support of artists, cultural organizations, associations, foundations, organizations specifically located in countries with established Historical Cultural Heritage, aiming at the support of connected organizations and preservation of local, national or international Cultural Heritage.

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