In order to provide cultural confidence and stabilise the cultural assets, we need to have a crystal clear vision, positive attitude and knowledge regarding our cultural products and the processes we follow.

A better tomorrow is created from the freedom of individuals to have a vision, the ability of giving and to express themselves.

Sharing a common vision makes people more creative and motivates them to work together towards a cultural growth. The vision lays the grounds for a positive dialogue which creates inevitably questions and issues concerning their needs.

The awareness towards socio-political issues and the deposit of the visions intrigues creativity and exposes motives and intentions. Therefore a vision of an individual even if it has the form of personal desire could potentially yield positive results for cultural developments and prosperity.

The basic element for the implementation of a vision is its convergence with the rule and the whole.

In order to understand the aspirations and needs of organizations we organise activities or participate in events. With the exchange of ideas as a vehicle we are raising issues in relation to the cultural economy and management.



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